Are You Ready to Enjoy a Bright New World? To see the magic that exists within you and all around you. To make your everyday experiences enchanting...

Are You Ready to Embrace Your True Path? And stand strong in your power with the passion of your purpose fueling and fulfilling you...

Unicorns may seem like creates from a fairy tale. But do you know that each one of us has a guardian unicorn? And they are very keen to assist us at this time. Our planet is going through epic changes - The Great Re-enchantment, - and we have the most wonderful support available to us. The doorway is open, our allies are ready. All you have to do is say "Yes" to an adventure of a lifetime.

Unicorn Healing was brought in 2009 to support the global awakening of humanity and the ascension of our planet. It is a very high vibration energy healing modality that brings health, well-being and empowerment through connecting with the Unicorn Realms.

Receiving a Unicorn Healing session helps you awaken to your soul and divinity, while providing deep healing and spiritual mastery. Unicorns bring a gift of an incredibly heart opening experience that helps you align with joy, health and healing that is always available for you. Each session is as sacred as it is profound, and is tailored to meet the intentions of the recipient.

Unicorns know that humankind never needs "healing" as they appreciate we are perfect divine beings. Yet they understand that living in a physical life with free will can bring challenges and conditioning that separate us from our divinity, building up resistance and dis-ease in our being. It is this conditioning that Unicorns help us to resolve when we are ready. In this way, receiving Unicorn Healing can help unblock whatever feels stuck in life, whether that is within relationships, finances, career, physical health, or provide greater clarity into one's unique mission here on Earth - an area Unicorns delight in helping us with! Above all, the recipient always receives a healing as directed by their own higher consciousness.

Inviting Unicorns into your life and partnering with them closely brings greater possibilities, magic and wisdom that can only be remembered consciously through experiencing the Light of the Unicorns.


Many experience the discovery of their true self, the awakening of inner peace, innocence and creativity.


Unicorns are great at helping us resolve limiting patterns through unveiling new opportunities and by providing inspiration, trust and strength to allow our dreams to unfold.

Unicorns bring a greater sense of joy, playfulness, compassion and deep connection with our soul, our guides and Mother Earth.


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