• Laura Salaf

My Dear Pan

Why don't you sing a happier tune?

Maybe it's the time of the year. Or maybe it's the gentle but undeniable presence of the invisible. Whatever the reason, I feel like sharing what I've come to know about one of my loyal guides. I am talking about the God of Nature himself – Pan.

Pan has been my guide and companion for longer than I can remember. And I am still unravelling the mysteries of the path he got me walking. But one thing for sure, his true story got lost in distant times and I feel it my duty to unveil some of the truths about him.

Pan is a GARDENER. And when I use this word I mean something so much more than planting or weeding. He is a caretaker for the Earth. He knows Her well and he knows what She needs. And so, he is looking after us – the true guardians of this planet. He is growing a generation of beautiful souls who share his love for the Mother. And with his music he is singing our dreams into being.

We might be feeling lost, we might be feeling our old wounds come to the surface, we might be totally confused about what's going on. He comes and guides us through the maize of our soulscapes. We think we know what we want, he gives us what we truly need. He knows our deepest desires and he knows our biggest fears. He might give us a push to go into the darkest and the scariest of our places but he will always be walking right by your side for he is a GUIDE that you can trust!

Pan knows the FIRE. Both its creative and destructive power. He won't hesitate to burn that which no longer serves you. He wants you to give up the struggles to the flames. It might feel painful but he will ignite your dreams – the flames of your deepest yearnings. He knows no shame or guilt when it comes to being happy. He knows that happy people create beautiful things.

Pan has been teaching me how to weave the DREAMS into being. I will never forget that time when he showed up with his flute when I called him for help and the simple wisdom that he imparted to me: “Why don't you sing a happier tune?” We've all got certain stories that we are playing out and we've got the power to rewrite them to something better (if we wish!). The Horned God adds: “There is sunshine after the rain. There is peace after the storm. There is love after the pain. There is joy after the loss. Dream yourself a beautiful dream.”

Pan is a lover, he is a father and a challenger when needed so. He truly embodies the masculine equivalent of the triple goddess. He brings the energies back into balance. He has the other missing piece.

No wonder Pan is the rightful guardian of the elemental realms and their secrets. He knows how to heal the Earth by helping us heal our own wounds. He knows how to bring us back to our wild roots. He knows how to get us back in tune with the harmony of the world around us. And he is kindly guiding us towards our wildest dreams.

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