• Laura Salaf

From The Jungle, With Love

The more I immerse myself in the Amazon, the more her wisdom becomes part of my being...


When the days are hot and sunny, it is very easy to shed the layers of clothing and get naked. But to allow oneself to be vulnerable emotionally can be difficult. And to unveil your heart's deepest desires and keep that heart open even though it could be crushed easily - now that is even more difficult.

But making a deep commitment to oneself means exactly that - shedding ALL false layers, to the bones and beyond. Until you're totally naked. Until there's nothing left. Until your true self starts coming out...

Being authentic is the true embodiment of who you really are. It is literally about embodying your dreams and hopes, your values and your own worth. It is the ultimate transformation of your mentality and your way of being. You're not just talking about something you wish was true, you are actually becoming it!

So... slow down and become aware... What is actually happening when you feel like you're loosing everything you hold dear to you?..

What if I told you that you don't actually loose anything?..

You don't loose anything even though people and physical belongings might disappear unexpectedly. You don't loose because everything you've found, achieved or learned becomes a part of you. You embody all of it. You actually expand. But without a camouflage of precious belongings, without a certain baggage that you might think you need to be attached to forever. You shed all the false layers of illusion. You're totally naked. Yet, you're totally in your power!

Yes, it can be quite easy to get distracted by the chaos and turmoil this metamorphosis brings up within us. But your soul has a very clear intention of what it's trying to achieve - awaken your true self and liberate it from any limiting fears and believes.

So! When everything around you starts falling apart, BECOME AWARE of what is actually being unveiled.

Your true belonging.

Your true calling.

Your deepest yearning...

Get to know this new self that's becoming unveiled gradually. Remember who you really are at the very core of your being. Free yourself from restraining illusions. And honour this true self dearly. For it is your biggest treasure!

Find that which has always been yours. Find within that which is always pure, free and wonderful. Find your very own piece of unspoiled land that is germinating with great potential.

What is it that you're planting there? What is it that you wish to bring into being? What if the painful shedding process is actually sprouting your hidden beauty into being?..

What if the loud voices of the wild far away lands are calling you to simply let go and be free?..

Be yourself...

Be happy...


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