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Earth Keeping

Updated: Oct 24, 2020

It's fascinating how different cultures use certain symbols and create sacred spaces to honour one very important thing to all of us - the source of life. It's a place where all of creation comes from and re-connecting with it on a regular basis sustains our existence, brings us abundant blessings and keeps all things flowing in balance and harmony. One of such portals to commune with creation itself is at the Chalice Well garden.

Some of you might remember how my journey to learn the healing art of nature was first inspired at this sacred garden. I am so happy to be back to this place all these years later for more wisdom and blessings as I give back my offerings to this sacred space. And I want to take this opportunity to bring one very important thing to your awareness - giving to the land.

Over the years I kept on listening to the land and was feeling her pain. No matter where I went, there was always a lot of anger coming from her about one thing that was hurting her deeply. And that is the never ending taking of her gifts without any honouring or appreciation. She is feeling violated, taken advantage of, being disrespected and treated very very unfairly. I meet a lot of people talking about caring for nature and so on, yet their actions are totally lacking deeper awareness and they simply end up harming that which they claim to be protecting.

Taking. Taking without awareness. Taking and not offering anything in return.

How do you think that makes the land feel? Robbed, raped, exploited.

How is this supposed to keep the abundant cycle of creation going? Well, let's be honest about the presence of toxicity in our world and lives - most of us are living in poisonous wastelands.

I don't mean to scare anyone but I do want to get my point across. Actually, the land is asking me to speak on her behalf. And despite being quite grumpy (can't blame her for feeling this way), she's kind enough to share a solution with us. Because this is isn't just about her. It's about us too. We depend on each other. Our existence depends on each other. We are the reason she's creating abundant gifts for us freely, that's how benevolent she is! But if we keep on destroying her, how much longer will she be able to provide for us?

So, what's the plan? She's got a very simple suggestion.


And be open to receiving.

Simple as that! Instead of taking, give. And she will provide you with everything you need in return.

How does that sound? I think it's a brilliant idea for keeping an abundant and harmonious cycle going. And our ancestors knew it. That's why they made an effort to build incredible temples to honour the source of life. That's why they came together in celebrations to express appreciation and gratitude. That's why they made offerings for everything that they were asking for. That's why we need to remember the simple rituals that have been forgotten.

So simple yet so profound. A wish that comes from a pure heart gets rewarded. Abundantly.

And it's worth mentioning that many of us are giving back a lot already, whether we realise it consciously or not. So many of us are going through a deep shedding journey and it might seem as if we're loosing everything we've ever had. But the truth is we're not loosing anything. Whatever we're giving away is actually an offering. We're not loosing, we're making an offering. Yes, we're being asked to have a lot of faith because we're giving away what's most precious to us without truly knowing what we will receive in return, if anything at all. But know that the bigger the blessing, the bigger the offering is required. So, DO have faith because you ARE being taken care of no matter what.

Would you like to learn more about how you can care for the land or experience the healing gifts of nature? Come and chat with me. You can find me gardening at Chalice Well on Friday mornings. And I will be sharing Green Ray Reiki at the healing event on Saturday 25th of August. I will also be sending out a very special blessing for sisters from this sacred space on the day of Harvest Celebration. Looking forward to connecting and sharing with you all!

Elemental blessings to you!!! xx

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