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Dragons of Love

Whether I'm following paths to sacred places or simply walking the city streets, I can sometimes see bright light sort of hidden beyond the visible layers. Even on a cloudy day I can see the sunny other side. I perceive broken people in a similar way - I see a lot of beauty in them. I don't quite remember when I started perceiving the visible differently, but the more I connect with the dragon realm, the more aware I become of what's an illusion and what is actually true. I suppose this is something that I was gifted with as a healer so that I can cross the boundaries between different realities and guide others from a sad and miserable place to somewhere where they can re-discover joy and peace. And today I'd love to take you on one such journey. So, follow me!


Anxiety. This is probably one of the biggest illusions ever. Believe me, I do know what it feels like to have it. It kind of paralysis the ability to live and trust. It can even result in physical illness. But I also know that it is so false. I don't mean to upset anyone with my words. But I do want to smash one of the most unhelpful illusions we sacrify our lives to. And believe me, my own illusion was tested big time. To the point that even I got bored of it. Eventually.

I'd say the biggest test for my willingness to hold on to something useless (even self-sabotaging!) was coming to Glastonbury - the heart space of our lovely planet. And I'll be honest with you - as lovely and nurturing, and inviting this sacred place is, it really challenges one to let go of what's getting in the way. To be more precise, being in the head kind of gets in the way of being in one's heart space. And this is one big lesson this place teaches, whether pilgrims realise it or not.

So, here I come, thinking it's all going to be peaceful and relaxed only to find myself feeling overwhelmed and dizzy. Yep, dizziness - one of the most annoying consequences of having anxiety and one of the most obvious signs of being too much in the head. Seriously, how did I expect to camouflage it and imagine that I was in my heart space at peace? Well, I got challenged to let go of what was getting in the way of experiencing true peace. I had to ditch unhelpful illusions I was still holding on to. And believe me, the land of Avalon tests everyone who is a prisoner of the mind and therefore isn't honouring their own truth.

But let's go back to anxiety for a moment. As strong as the feelings are, let's be honest - they are fake. Because if you think about it, we fear something that could happen. But it doesn't mean it's real. It's only a thought based on a previous traumatic experience or fear programming. But in no way it defines the actual reality. It's only a thought. And this is why I say that it's one of the biggest illusions ever because we literally become trapped in our heads for no good reason and miss out on a lot of good stuff. And that sucks!

I know it's easier said than done. My biggest unhelpful thought was that I would be killed if I was seen. Quite scary stuff. Accompanied by very strong feelings. So my anxiety developed into dizziness which was a great excuse to hide. And be cut off from the beautiful world I was yearning to experience. And be unable to do the things I love. Yep, a prisoner of my mind.

And this is where the lovely dragons come in. I set a very strong intention to let go of this nonsense sabotaging my life and allow myself to experience the joy and bliss I truly deserve. And started doing various heart opening practices. And this is when the magic happened. Opening the heart means allowing for the pain and fear to surface, but it is kind of the only way to release them - feel these emotions as they are making their way out. And this is where things can get a bit tricky. Even though trauma was clearly in the past, the resurfacing feelings make it feel as if it's all happening in the now. Fortunately, it's an empowering experience for those who have dragons as their allies!

I remember something incredible. The back of my heart was so sore, I knew for sure I was releasing a lot of stuff. Eventually, it all came to a breaking point - the old stuff could no longer be contained within and had to burst out. And right before this eruption I became aware of a dragon fluttering its wings in my chest area. I'll be honest, the emotions were heart-breaking (or I could say heart-cleansing) once they erupted, but there was something within me that gave me strength to not only endure but continue to keep my heart open as it was still purging in the days to come, and even stay positive and optimistic (rather than paranoid) when faced with the unknown. I kind of even went on a binge of craving to have my heart broken so that I could be liberated from anything that was keeping me away from experiencing happiness. And did I feel it! Oh yeah, as if being attacked by a wild predator, I felt my heart being ripped apart one piece after another. It hurt for a while. But then I felt so free. No more ghosts from the past, no more false illusions. Instead lots of hope and excitement about every unfolding moment, lots of strength to go on no matter what. Suddenly I feel as if I have a massive winged being watching my back. Such are the blessings of the dragons - the loyal warriors of the heart.


So... being in Glastonbury is quite a heart opening experience! And to make this story even more intriguing, this isn't just about us and our personal healing journeys. There is a bigger picture to what is happening in the heart space of the Earth.

If you've been to any of my events or workshops, you might remember that I love using the word oasis. The dragons have been teaching me this concept for a while and I love it so much that I have chosen to rename my page to honour it! Long story short, healing is a journey from a lifeless toxic wasteland of our soulscape to the one of lush life giving oasis. It may be a journey of self-healing but it has profound implications on the rest of the world. Happy people don't destroy. Fact! But it's kind of difficult to give and create something beautiful (and not spread destructive toxicity) when someone is burnt out and barely feeling alive. However, once someone replenishes their juice and their life force comes back (that is when someone recreates the oasis they once were and their soul cup is so full of good stuff that it starts overflowing), there's only beauty and life giving abundance that can flow from such a place.

And this is why I want to take you on another journey to the most sacred garden of the heart...

So, what happens once we overcome our fears - that is get out of our heads and into an open heart space? What happens once we get rid of as much toxicity from our being as we are able to?

We become a channel for love.

Bear with me as I try to verbalise this for you (not so easy when trying to not overdo the head stuff, ha!).

Basically, the purer we are, the purer the energy we channel.

Let's talk for a moment about the remembrance of our divinity. For the purpose of keeping this short, I assume that you already know that each one of us is divine and is a master (not just one or select few beings out there). However, remembering and embodying this divinity is more than simply reclaiming our power, even though it might seem like the ultimate goal. And it's more than just reuniting with our divine family. There is a lovely surprise for those who finally reach this destination. And it is... the co-creation that we are part of. It's not just about creating our lives the way we wish - we are creating the whole world together. To be honest, we're not even creating, we're allowing the creation to unfold through us. And the full creative force of the universe literally flows and expresses itself through us when we are in our pure heart space. A truly blissful state of being, if I may add!

Those who peacefully settle in their heart space, leaving the toxic fears behind, become a pure channel for love.

And why am I saying we become a channel for love? For it flows directly through our hearts!

Unfortunately, wounding indicates some level of toxicity present in our being and this is the filter we manifest through. But having braved the not always easy healing journey helps clear the poison that might be leaking out into our lives. Instead we start creating from a pure place. And what a beauty we start spreading around!

We are essentially a vessel for the divine. Like a chalice, we fill up with the beauty and magic from the ever flowing source of life which then ripples out into the manifest, into our and others' lives.

A lush life giving oasis...

There is so much beauty happening behind the veils. And it becomes a reality for those who finally discover their own sacred heart space...


Re-connecting to the source and "re-fueling" is quite important at this time. Many are going through big life changes. Many are awakening to their deeper purpose. And dropping deep into heart space is an invaluable source of clarity and inspiration at times of transition.

Whether you are aware of it or not, we are already creating a very beautiful world into being. As I mentioned at the very beginning, I have been catching glimpses of this bright light that's trying to come through the cracks as the old world seems to be falling apart. But trust me, it's not really falling apart - there is something very beautiful being unveiled. And each one of you plays a very important role in this new creation.

So, do you remember why you came here? Do you remember who you are?

My own story and experience may be quite personal, but I know that fear is one of the biggest hurdles we all face on the way to happiness and beyond. And I also know that it doesn't have to be this way, I know that we can be free from it. And this is why I am coming out of my own fearful need to hide and talk more and more about how the dragons can help others as they have helped me.

So many wonder how they can be happy or how they can make this world a better place. I am glad to say that both are beyond possible if that is what you truly wish. Healing journey doesn't have to be a rocket science but it helps to have an ally when in need. Getting over hurdles, chasing away the doubts, lending strength and courage, and reminding of your worth.

To support you on this exciting journey, the dragons wish to gift you a special offer - 20% off for energy healing sessions (Green Ray Reiki and Dragon Healing) booked by 15th September. Simply contact me quoting MONTH OF LOVE when booking a session to receive your discount.

Also, those who book Dragon Healing session by 15th September will be gifted one of my favourite articles about The Beauty Principle. This teaching is so profound that if you only learn one tool to use from the dragon realm, this one will keep you right at all times!

Lots of love and blessings from the winged ones! xx

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