• Laura Salaf

A Quest for Planting the Garden of Peace

Have you ever wondered what being an Earth healer means? Are you even aware that something like that exists? It is not an ordinary occupation. You won’t find it advertised in your daily paper. In fact, most of the work we do is very much behind the scenes. But allow me to lift the veil and share some of the mysteries of our trade.

Becoming an Earth healer isn’t exactly a choice. It’s something that awakens within when certain circumstances unfold around us. I’d say it’s like answering a call that comes from beyond the visible. You can’t hear it, you can’t see it. But somehow you know. And you respond.

This is when you unlock the door to some of the most enchanting encounters with the more than human world. In my workshops I call it an introduction. It’s a meeting between you and your guides from other realms. A connection that is most likely already there and a workshop is merely a way to rekindle your remembrance. This is very important because the healing work is a team effort and you are never alone on this path. To celebrate this occasion you receive a gift from elementals and you plant it in the etheric garden. It is an eternal garden that exists beyond the boundary of our physical existence. And as a newly initiated healer continues on their path long after the workshop is over, this seed that they had planted continues to grow and reflect the gifts of that particular person. It’s somewhat like being a gardener. But with a pinch of alchemy involved.

Earth healing is very much an art of emptying oneself completely. We learn to trust and let go unconditionally. Ironically, we encounter a lot of situations that are not meant to be “saved”. It’s because we choose to be the ones who put an end to the vicious cycle of suffering, the ones who rewrite wounded stories that had been passed on from one generation to another. But even though we’re faced with difficult decisions and sacrifices, we wouldn’t have it any other way. We learn to surrender our fears and limiting beliefs to something far greater than us. In fact, Earth healers do not heal as one might think. We are in a humble service to this higher force, we are a vessel that carries the light to some of the most distant and darkest of places. And once we are where we’re needed, we allow the higher will to flow and unfold through us. We become a voice of those who cannot be heard. We become a witness to incredible transformations.

I have to admit, the rewards are mind blowing. Once we have emptied ourselves enough, the universe starts filling us up again. We unlock our creative force like never before. Anything becomes possible. And this time it’s meant to last! The seeds, that we had planted in the ethers, start sprouting and blossoming in our everyday reality. Because we trusted in the guidance to clear the weeds, to compost the old and nourish the soil patiently. This is how we grow to become a living sanctuary and the most enchanted garden of peace. This is how we bring peace and many other gifts to our world. Through reclaiming our magical origin we become part of the new that is being birthed.

There are many who carry these seeds that have a potential to grow into something that we never imagined to be possible. But it is... If only we dare to burst the old bubble and expand our remembrance to who we truly are.

At this time of great re-enchantment the Earth is hiring.

Will you answer the call?

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