Green Ray Reiki is a healing force that lies within “the green” - a healing energy that comes from nature, that can be found in all things that grow. It has the power to:

  • Fortify and nourish your body

  • Regenerate, rejuvenate and revitalise

  • Restore harmony and balance

  • Protect from harmful energies

  • Soothe the emotions

  • Bring clarity and deeper awareness

  • Renew the joy

Up until recently, the Green Ray was in the safekeeping of the elementals but they are very keen to share it with us at this time of great changes. The trees and the plants have been on Earth long before us and they hold the wisdom needed to not only restore our well-being but also to help us make a shift in consciousness.

Green Ray Reiki is a very intuitive healing modality. Every session is different and depends on person’s individual needs at the time. Basically, you get what you need.

Are you ready to let go of the suffering and get inspired by the healing force of nature? It is with deep honour that I offer in person (currently based in Glastonbury, England) and distant healing sessions. You can book yours online right here.


And if you're feeling called to learn Green Ray Reiki, you can bring the healing wisdom of nature into your daily life and share it with others. You can gain the knowledge on how to channel this beautiful elemental energy and how to work with water, plants and trees for your well-being. Green Ray Reiki is a very holistic modality and gives you the tools for healing both yourself and your environment. So check out my events page for upcoming workshops or contact me to arrange one now.

Blessed be! xx

Just as there are many different beings in the elemental realms, every Green Ray Reiki healer works slightly differently depending on what deities they connect to most. Also, each one of us has a unique gift to offer. This gift is part of our nature and adds a certain “flavour” to the work we do. Some of my main guides are the dragons, Greek God of Nature Pan and Goddess Isis. I also have a very strong connection to the beings of water.

The energy I channel is deeply nurturing and relaxing (sometimes people fall asleep!). The energy goes where it is needed (it’s all very intuitive) and my areas of expertise are the emotional healing, heart and sacral areas.

  • If the person is ready, I am able to target the areas of toxicity, negativity, blockages and self-sabotaging behaviours.

  • If you’re feeling stuck or drained, the Green Ray can give you a much needed surge of energy and help move forward.

  • And if you’re battling an inner turmoil, I can help you find clarity and inner peace again.

  • Most importantly, I can help you let go of the fears and the wounding so that you can feel the joy of living again.

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