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The therapies offered are carried out distantly, you do not need to be physically present to receive a healing. This allows you to receive all the benefits of the session from the comfort of your home, and gives you plenty of time to rest and integrate the changes once the healing is complete. I am happy to arrange a late evening session (time zone permitting) if you would like to go to sleep immediately after receiving the healing.

Some in person sessions may be available when I'm in Glastonbury or if we meet on one of my adventures. Contact me for more details if you'd prefer this option.

Concessions are available to those who would benefit from receiving a therapy but cannot afford a full fee. Contact me to discuss.

Disclaimer. Please note that energy healing is not a replacement for good medical care. However, it is very beneficial to combine multiple approaches for best results, especially when dealing with complex issues. All therapies are carried out with a voluntary consent from the recipient. It is the recipient's responsibility to disclose any information that may be relevant for the healing. Also, the recipient is free to decide how they act on the information that comes through in the healing session.

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