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My name is Laura and it is my pleasure to invite you to Blue Oasis - a sacred and nurturing space to experience the healing power of nature.

Let me tell you how it all started...

From a very young age I had this deep desire to find the answers to questions I didn't even know. Something was simply missing - the joy of being just wasn't there. This was one of the reasons I chose to study psychology. But I only found myself in another situation that I wasn't happy with. So, I chose to leave the "safety" of employment and relationship, and started travelling to wild places. I wanted to find myself...

And what a journey it was! From the Scottish Highlands to the Amazon, the spiral path of my adventure took me to the most sacred places on Earth. Some experiences were incredibly blissful and fueled me even more. Sometimes the path was so challenging that I had no will to go on. But I kept on walking. Until eventually I came back home - to myself.

Do you know what I found waiting for me? My dreams. They were always there. I was simply lost in a really bad nightmare. Overwhelmed by pain and fear from past traumas I sort of lost essential parts of my being. But with the help of healing wisdom from the nature's realms I shed the many layers of wounding and rediscovered the joy I was looking for.

What breaks my heart is that I see too many people trapped in their suffering and not knowing how to find a way out. I see too many slowly dying inside because they are trapped in the lives they hate but are too scared to follow their dreams. Too many are lost, too many have forgotten that joy is their birthright. I see beautiful worlds turning into toxic wastelands.

I also know that there is a way to re-ignite the spark. It is possible to let go of the struggle and find happiness again. There is a way to remember that which makes you feel alive. And I LOVE to bring the flame of inspiration back!


Blending shamanic wisdom with energy healing, I discovered a path. Healing is a journey. And there is a map. From a barren desert to a life giving oasis - you can bring your essence back.

Let me be your guide!

"Sessions with Laura are a great experience. The Green Ray Reiki journey is food for mind that makes you feel happy and peaceful with yourself and others in your day to day relationships. Engaging with nature through the Green Ray Reiki fills your soul and heart with positive thoughts and energy. Lovely time!"

"I knew Green Ray Reiki was for me the moment I saw the flyer. It was what I had been unconsciously waiting for! Working with Laura to learn about the Green Ray was wonderful, and everything we did was copied in the book, so it's great to be able to reread any part of it. Laura made the whole experience very special.

I have sent Green Ray Reiki as distance healing since my attunement, and the recipients have found it powerful and helpful. I find I "see" certain aspects of the healing during the session which are clarifying or helpful in some way.

I am becoming more closely linked  to all aspects of nature since my attunements; new ways of seeing and exploring my place here and discovering ways to honour and help the regeneration of nature in my area.

I would really recommend the experience of allowing the Green Ray into your life, and thank Laura for bringing that to me in such a lovely way."

"Dear Laura. Just to say a Thank You for the lovely healing. Although it was a couple of weeks ago now! I felt so relaxed on a deep level afterwards, that stayed with me for ages. I loved the oak tree being dragging me to be grounded, something I need! I really enjoyed the experience too and would definitely have more in the future."

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