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Let me take you to a hidden sanctuary, a place which only the wild ones seem to know. Soft moss beneath your feet... heart opening fragrance of the blossoming trees... sun gently kissing your skin... the symphony of birds up in the sky... We sit next to a silent stream, flowing so slowly that the water seems to be lost in a peaceful dream...


No words are needed. You know, you feel – right in this moment the whole world seems to be at peace. You know you're safe, you know you're taken care of, you know that everything is all right...

A few tears run down your face. Memories of painful moments try to escape, and you release them... You let them go for holding on is only hurting... You know that sometimes it is really hard but it's even harder to stay in a broken place. You somehow know that it can be better. You know you can be whole.


You put your arms around yourself and spend some time in your own sweet embrace...


This nurturing experience awakens hope again. You start remembering the joyful moments and suddenly everything makes sense. But most importantly, you start remembering that which makes you feel alive. Your dreams. The essence of who you are. The reason why you wake up every morning. The purpose that helps you to go on no matter what. You remember that which had been long forgotten.


But now it's back, it's part of you again...


Life's challenges, dis-ease, mistakes, unfortunate events.

The never ending inner turmoil, the feeling of being stuck or trapped.

Maybe a moment of madness or even your life falling apart...

At some point we all find ourselves somewhere on the spectrum of suffering. But that is not a place where you have to stay...


I see a lot of beauty in a broken person. And in a gentle and supportive way I help you to discover it too.

Healing is a journey. From victim to being in your power. From broken to whole. From giving up to living your dreams.

I know that sometimes the path can be really hard. Sometimes there is no will to go on... But this is why I'm walking by your side. I'm here to share uplifting inspiration. I'm here to help you re-connect to your true nature - a joyful soul in love with your life.

Sometimes all you need is an ally. And I'm delighted to help you out!

This is for you if:

  • You are experiencing an inner turmoil, have depression or feeling confused

  • Feeling stuck in your life and you're simply not happy anymore

  • You are longing for something but not sure what it is

  • Maybe you have experienced trauma or are dealing with a challenging situation

  • Or maybe you are overwhelmed by what is happening in the world

  • You wish to re-discover joy, confidence and strength, and be at peace again

  • You are READY to take responsibility for your own happiness

Find out what I can do for you!

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